Thanks to our partnership with FURUNO, the world’s leading marine electronics manufacturer, TIMEZERO software offers exclusive, native compatibility (simple Ethernet connection) with all the FURUNO DRS antennas as well as the commercial series of FURUNO FAR radars. The radar image can be overlaid directly on the chart in order to have a better understanding of the data. TIMEZERO offers the ability to take full control of the radar directly from a dedicated workspace (Gain, Seaclutter, Rainclutter, etc.).

TIMEZERO can be connected to a Furuno NavNet network allowing full control of the DRS radars (with or without an MFD on the network). This means that you can display the radar image directly in TIMEZERO software, enjoy full control of the Radar from your software, and overlay the radar image on your charts. Radar overlay is an effective safety tool that allows you to understand your surroundings in relation to your current position. The Smart Radar mode uses vector chart information and AIS to discriminate radar echoes, allowing you to focus on "unknown objects" to improve situational awareness. The aim is to improve the discrimination of radar echoes generated by uncharted or unknown objects (targets, uncharted obstructions...) by attenuating or masking (for land) radar echoes caused by land, floating buoys/beacons for example. The Furuno radar module is sold as an option for TZ Navigator and for TZ Professional.

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TIMEZERO offers new complementary functions

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