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Discover the new Premium Ocean-o service for pelagic fishing to target best fishing potential spots!

TZ iBoat marine navigation App

TZ iBoat: the best marine navigation app for coastal sailing!

Plan your trips from your fingertips and save your fishing spots at a click. See your position on the chart, as well as weather data, COG, SOG and many other metrics with ease. If you haven’t already discovered the app, click below to start.

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TZ Navigator

+ 15K users around the world
84%of users are very satisfied with TZ Navigator
77% of users are very satisfied with chart features
Tailored training sessions

Tailored training sessions to better manage your navigation software

Thanks to a close relationship we maintain with our international partners, we are able to offer tailor-made training sessions. Whether you are a professional or a recreational boater, we put at your disposal our knowledge and know-how to help you optimize your navigation.

At our authorized partners’ centers, our offices or remotely, the TIMEZERO team members are here to answer your questions and help you to configure your software and instruments. From basic functionalities to the integration of navigation tools, our TIMEZERO technicians are here to help you.

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TIMEZERO ecosystem with TZ Cloud

New TIMEZERO – FURUNO ecosystem

Discover TZ Cloud, the real-time synchronization between the TZ iBoat app, the TZ PC software, the FURUNO NavNet TZtouch2 MFD and the new TIMEZERO online platform! (Integration with FURUNO NavNet TZtouch2 coming in early 2020).

TZ Professional version 4.1

TZ Professional v4.1:

  • Ultra powerful data management system thanks to our new display filters

  • Brand new weather display offering twice as much precision

  • Integration with the latest Furuno hardware

New Updates C-MAP vector charts

Updates for C-MAP vector charts:

for the Southern Hemisphere are now available

Discover TZ Navigator on PC

TZ Navigator v4.1:

  • New Weather Routing Module

  • New Weather Model

  • Iridium Go! Compatibility