Master the seafloor with advanced sounder features

Thanks to it being fully compatibility with Furuno Digital Filter (FDF™) fish finders, the sounder module allows you to enjoy all the advanced features of Furuno sounder such as: Sounder Echogram, Accu-Fish, Bottom Discrimination.

Your eyes under the sea:

The best technologies combination for optimized performances.

Wide range of compatible sounders

Directly connected to the echo sounder or via a NavNet equipment, the Sounder module unlocks a dedicated workspace to display and control FURUNO fish finders DFF1, DFF3, FCV1150, DFF1-UHD, DFF3-UFD and BBDS1.

Sounder Echogram Display

The Echogram display provides Echo presentation with real time A-Scope thanks to FURUNO's digital filter technology. Digital Filter (FDF™) fish finders offer advanced filtering capabilities and digital auto tuning, which eliminates noise, while delivering the ability to spot individual fish with clarity, accuracy and detail.

Historic Data


Add a mark

Add event

TIMEZERO stores up to 3 minutes of sounder data (approximately). You can then easily go back and identify echoes that are of interest.

The "Sounder and Nav" workspace can be used to display the plotter and the sounder side by side. Moving the cursor on the sounder will automatically display a red cross cursor on the chart allowing you to geolocate any sounder "sweeps".

Double clicking on the sounder space will automatically create a mark on the chart, making it easier to go back on a structure spotted on the sounder.

Clicking on the “Event tool” from sounder workspace will automatically create a mark on the chart at the current boat position.

Accu-Fish (Fish Size Analyzer)

The Furuno Accu-Fish feature adds a unique fish size analyzer. The algorithm analyzes echo returns to compute individual fish sizes and displays this information on the TIMEZERO Sounder workspace.

When the “Sounder and Nav” workspace is used to display the plotter and the sounder side by side, every Accu-fish icon will also automatically appear geo-localized on the chart.

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Bottom Discrimination Display

The bottom discrimination window can be displayed from the Sounder workspace. This information is helpful in spotting the rich fishing grounds where you can boost your catch of the day.

Bottom components

Bottom component localization

Bottom hardness

By analyzing the echo characteristics from what the seafloor is made up of such as the size of the particles and their hardness, Furuno Sounders BBDS1 and DFF1-UHD, can categorize the seafloor into 4 states: mud, sand, gravel and rock. In addition to providing the seabed information, they also send the probability of discrimination displayed on the bottom discrimination window allowing you to know how reliable the data is in particular areas.

Moving the cursor over the bottom discrimination windows will automatically display the red cross cursor on the Chart allowing to geolocate any bottom component.

When receiving sea floor hardness information from the BBDS1 or DFF1-UHD sounders, TIMEZERO can also register it in the same time as the depth information provided by the sounder. Color coding or black and white scale can display the bottom hardness going from softest material, mud, to the hardest material, rock.