Discover the brand new TIMEZERO ecosystem with TZ Cloud

We have all been in a situation where we lost some precious data. Even when being careful, there is always some risk! Thanks to the new TZ Cloud technology, TIMEZERO safeguards your navigation data. You won’t need to export your marks, photos, routes and zones, they will be saved and secured automatically! And, it gets better! TZ Cloud also offers a real-time synchronization service between all TIMEZERO platforms.

Discover the power of TZ Cloud with our TIMEZERO expert

Relax thanks to TZ Cloud! Your data is secure, synchronized and accessible from your personal account, wherever you are. Board the Cloud for a worry-free navigation experience.

How does it work?

Come aboard the TIMEZERO test boat for a demonstration with our expert! In this video, we show you how you can create a mark, zone or route in TZ Navigator and, have it display instantly and be used in TZ iBoat.

TZ Cloud puts an end to data loss

Are you use to saving your routes and marks? The new TZ Cloud service, available for all TIMEZERO products automatically manages your data in a simple and secure way.

Your navigation computer stays on your boat and you want to access your navigation data from home? No problem! Have access to your data at all times by simply logging in to your MyTIMEZERO account. No matter where you are, you can view your synchronized navigation data.

TZ Cloud offers automatic saving of

30000 marks
1000 photos
200 routes
100 zones

Sharing your data between TIMEZERO platforms has never been easier!

In need of a backup navigation system? The synchronization function allows several TIMEZERO software programs or other TIMEZERO compatible platforms to automatically share your data. For example, TZ iBoat, the iPad app, is capable of automatically synchronizing with the TIMEZERO PC software. No need to manually transfer your files with a cable or a flash drive. The routes and marks are shared automatically through TZ Cloud!

The synchronization offered by TZ Cloud, gives unparalleled on-board comfort. In fact, from now on, you won’t need to copy your marks, zones or routes. Navigate with your PC inside the boat and the information will be automatically duplicated on the TZ iBoat app. TIMEZERO is now with you every step of the way!

Sharing your data between TIMEZERO platforms