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What's new?

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Discover the latest release of TZ iBoat. TZ iBoat v3 introduces TZ MAPS, the revolutionary marine chart format that integrates Raster and Vector data, detailed land information, high-resolution satellite photos, and high-resolution Bathymetry.

TZ MAPS: So much more than nautical charts

TZ MAPS introduces all of the following:

Features that keep you safe

Dynamic Mooring and Anchor Watch

Sailing can be unpredictable, so it is our priority to help keep you safe. Dynamic Moorings will help guide you to the safest location to anchor, based on important information such as real-time weather data and topography, while the Anchor Alarm feature will keep you informed and in control, triggering an alarm on your device should your boat stray too far from the anchored point.

Track, Analyze, Share & Connect

Trip Book to track, analyse, share and connect

Transform your phone into the ultimate marine logbook, by using the trips feature to log essential details such as distance, duration, COG, SOG, pictures, and catches. Start TZ iBoat before your trip, track your performances, revisit your data anytime, and locate the same great spot again by following the geo-reference of your photo.

Additionally, you can share your trips, and connect with friends and family in the app. You can also share your real-time location with your followers and loved ones, for added security.

Access unlimited weather forecasts

Premium Weather Service

In addition to multi-day weather forecasts, a premium weather service is also available on TZ iBoat that gives you access to unlimited, and precise weather forecasts to help you prepare for everything that lies ahead.

These forecasts include advanced weather displays and a meteogram, and are completely downloadable.

Fisherman Friendly!

Trip Book to track, analyse, share and connect

With the recent addition of BathyVision, the benefits to fishing enthusiasts have been elevated to a whole new level. This feature allows you to explore the ocean's depths, uncovering the perfect fishing spots. But that’s not all! TZ iBoat allows users to record essential data of their catch, such as weight, size, photos and exact locations. This feature will help you revisit your favorite fishing areas, to repeat your successes. Give it a try and make your trips more productive and enjoyable!

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Make TZ iBoat part of your ecosystem

When you purchase a TZ MAPS area for PC software, you can use it for free on our iOS application TZ iBoat! Build your route from your PC, and everything will appear on your mobile device screen! Once on the water with TZ iBoat, plot your marks and pictures and they will be synched on your PC screen.

Connect and display your marine navigation equipment data with two optional modules

In addition to the free app’s main features, TZ iBoat offers optional features for you to make the best of your coastal navigation. Two modules have been developed to allow connecting and receiving your marine equipment data such as your radar (Furuno DRS4W) and your AIS receiver.

Need help getting started?

TZ iBoat user manual

This complete user guide and manual for TZ iBoat contains everything you need to know about our app. Master your boating and get out on the water in as safe and exciting a way as possible.

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