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All the information about TZ iBoat features, instruments and compatibilities, charts and weather data, are available here. More than 20 questions have been answered so that you can make the most of your experience using TIMEZERO’s coastal sailing iPad solution.

Familiarize yourself with TZ iBoat

You can try the TZ iBoat for free using a limited demo area around the Miami harbor. In demo mode, you can display Raster charts, Vector Charts and Satellite pictures in 2D or 3D and create routes and marks. You will have to subscribe to a chart area in order to navigate and use the built-in Tides and Currents.

Here is a feature overview of the App:

  • Plot your position in real-time on Vector or Raster charts (separate InApp purchase)
  • Photofusion with HR satellite photos (worldwide coverage) (*)
  • Route Planning
  • Track recording
  • Course (COG) & speed (SOG)
  • Heading, Depth, Sea Surface Temperature
  • Real-time local weather and weather trends
  • Navigation in 2D or 3D Perspective
  • Tides and Currents database
  • AIS integration when connected to a NMEA0183 Wireless AIS Receiver (separate InApp purchase)
  • Radar overlay with the new Furuno DRS4W “1st Watch” Radar (separate InApp purchase)
  • Sensor compatibility to display additional real-time information (Heading, Depth and Sea Surface Temperature) when connected to a NMEA0183 Wireless Gateway

(*) Internet Access required for streaming satellite photos

TZ iBoat requires an iPad running iOS 11.2 at minimum. It is recommended to get an iPad with Cellular connectivity to benefit from the internal GPS. For “Wi-Fi Only” iPad, a separate GPS will be required.

TZ iBoat on iPad was designed to be very easy to use and focuses on the main features used for real-time navigation. TZ Navigator is a much more advanced software product that offers a wide range of planning tools (Route Optimization, Route Simulation, etc.) and can be connected to a wider range of sensor (Sounders, Radars, FURUNO MFDs, and NMEA 2000-format sensors). TZ Professional offers specific features for commercial vessels (Bathy Recorder, Custom Contour Lines, Marks & Event Management, Discrete Depth Shading, Multi-Monitor support and Camera integration).

No, at this time TZ iBoat is only available for iPads.

No, at this time the TZ iBoat is only available on iOS.

When you have an Internet connection, the Weather NavData displays the local weather either from airports or from permanent weather observation stations (METAR). The station displayed in TZ iBoat is the one that is the closest to your current GPS position. Reports are generated once an hour and display the current weather with future trends.

TZ iBoat connects with your instruments to make optimal control of your navigation possible

The easiest option is to use an iPad with a built-in GPS receiver (any iPad with cellular connection). However, if you have a “Wi-Fi only” iPad model (without an integrated GPS receiver), you can either purchase a Bluetooth GPS (compatible with the Apple Core Location Service) or use an external NMEA 0183 GPS connected to a Wi-Fi gateway (see below).

Yes, it is possible to connect external instruments that use NMEA0183 to the iPad via Wi-Fi. TZ iBoat can currently decode the following data:

  • Position (GLL, GGA, RMC, VDO)
  • Course and Speed Over Ground (RMC, VTG, VDO)
  • Heading (HDG, HDM, HDT, VHW, PFECATT, VDO)
  • Depth (DBT, DPT)
  • Sea Surface Temperature (MDA, MTW)
  • AIS (VDM) (*)

TZ iBoat is compatible with any NMEA 0183 Wi-Fi Gateway/Multiplexer that supports TCP or UDP. Here are some NMEA 0183 Multiplexers that have been tested successfully with TZ iBoat:

Usually, the NMEA 0183 Wi-Fi Gateway, AIS or multiplexer creates its own wireless network access point. The iPad must be set up to join this Wi-Fi network. If the Wi-Fi Gateway, AIS or multiplexer is set to output NMEA 0183 sentences over Wi-Fi using the UDP protocol, you only need to enter the UDP port number in the TZ iBoat App. If the TCP protocol is used instead, you need to enter the TCP port number and the IP address of the Wi-Fi multiplexer in the TZ iBoat App.

(*) AIS targets can only be displayed when the optional AIS module is purchased

No, TZ iBoat is only compatible with NMEA 0183. Some Wi-Fi Multiplexers (such as the Vesper XB-8000) can directly convert NMEA 2000 PGN to NMEA 0183 sentences. You can also use a regular NMEA 2000 to NMEA 0183 converter such as the FURUNO IF-NMEA2K2.

Yes, if you enable track recording, TZ iBoat will continue to record your position even if the iPad goes into sleep mode. You also have the possibility to forbid sleep mode from the “General” Options of the TZ iBoat App.

Discover how to access and use TIMEZERO data on your iPad

Raster charts and Vector charts can be purchased on TZ iBoat. Vector charts are sourced from C-MAP and are available worldwide. Raster charts are sourced from local hydrographic office and are available on selected areas only. Note that chart purchase is a one-year subscription. After purchasing the chart, you can download details maps by zooming in (streaming the data) or by caching areas from the "Manage Chart" screen of TZ iBoat (for off line access). Charts will reside on your iPad even after expiration with the latest update done during subscription period. After one year, the subscription will be renewed automatically unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Note that Vector charts and Raster Charts are purchased separately.

After purchasing a chart area, you will be able to stream the Chart and the Satellite Photos directly over the Internet (Wi-Fi or Cellular Connection). You can also store the chart locally for offline use by clicking on “Manage Chart” and selecting the cells you want to download on your iPad.

Note: It is not possible to store the Satellites Photos locally. You always need to have an Internet connection in order to stream Satellite Photos.

Yes, you can load and use TZ iBoat on up to 5 iPads. Just make sure to log on TZ iBoat with the same “My TIMEZERO” account.

Charts will be updated for free during one year after the initial purchase (*). After this period, if you have cancelled your subscription, you will not be able to download the chart anymore. Downloaded charts will remain usable on your iPad with the latest update done during subscription period, but if you reset your iPad or want to use a new iPad, you will have to renew the charts.

(*) Chart update frequency varies according to the chart manufacturer.

Yes, raster charts purchased on our previous iPad App branded under the MaxSea or Nobeltec name can be transferred onto the new TZ iBoat App. Make sure to use the same “My TIMEZERO” account when logging in on TZ iBoat.

TZ iBoat is a separate standalone system, so unfortunately the charts from your PC-based software or FURUNO NavNet MFD cannot be shared with the iPad App.

You need to purchase at least one chart area to unlock the Tides and Currents feature.

Yes, on the old version of the App, click on the “MAXSEA” or “NOBELTEC” button (according to the version of your App), select “Import/Export” and click on “Backup to the cloud” (*) Open the new TZ iBoat App, click on the “TIMEZERO” button, select “Import/Export” and click on “Import from the cloud”.

(*) If you do not see the option to export to the cloud on the old MaxSea/Nobeltec App, update it from the App Store.

Take control of your DRS4W Furuno radar data from your iPad

The DRS4W Radar creates its own wireless network access point. The iPad must be setup to join the Radar’s wireless network. All DRS4W Radars create a network with an identifier (SSID) starting with “DRS4Wxxxxxxxx”. The wireless network is protected using a password (WPA2-Personal) which is unique to each DRS4W Radar. Once connected to the Radar network, open TZ iBoat and select “Radar” or “Chart + Radar” from the “Layer” button.

No, the DRS4W can only create its own wireless network and cannot join any existing wireless network. Please also note that the SSID and Password used to connect to the DRS4W network are fixed and cannot be changed.

You need to make sure that the Wi-Fi Multiplexer/Gateway/AIS you want to use has the ability to join an existing WIFI network in order to connect to the DRS4W network. This means that you should be able to program the Multiplexer/Gateway/AIS to connect to the DRS4W network:

TZ iBoat- Multiplexer/Gateway/AIS to connect to the DRS4W network

If the Wi-Fi Multiplexer/Gateway/AIS is set to output NMEA 0183 sentences over WiFi using the UDP protocol, you only need to enter the UDP port number in TZ iBoat.

If the Wi-Fi Multiplexer/Gateway/AIS is using the TCP protocol, you need to enter the TCP port number and the IP address of the Wi-Fi multiplexer in TZ iBoat.

In this case (when using TCP), the Wi-Fi Multiplexer/Gateway/AIS must be set to use a fixed IP address on the DRS4W IP network (172.31.x.x). We recommend setting the IP address of the WiFi multiplexer to with a subnet mask of

The following WiFi devices allow connection to join an existing WIFI network and allow their IP address to be fixed:

While recommended, an external heading sensor is not mandatory for the overlay of Radar echoes on the chart. TZ iBoat can use its internal (or external) GPS Course Over Ground (COG) to align the Radar on the chart. Note that the radar echo will appear with high transparency if your vessel is moving below 1Kn (to indicate that the Heading derived from your course over ground is inaccurate).

TZ iBoat will be able to adjust all the Radar user parameters so you don’t have to switch between multiple Apps on your iPad.

Note: Only the initial Blank Sector and radar alignment adjustments will need to be made from the standalone FURUNO App.

No, this is not supported by the DRS4W because a background App must “lock on” the DRS4W connection, preventing the other App from receiving the data.

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