TZ Professional software has been designed to answer the navigation needs and requirements of all professional seafarers. With features that are truly cutting-edge, TIMEZERO software has two main objectives: Supreme control and performance. Discover in this section how TIMEZERO software caters to your needs no matter your activity.

The cutting edge software for professional navigation

TZ Professional is designed around the unique needs of professionals at sea with two main objectives:
Supreme control and Performance.

What else can TZ Professional do for you?

Professional activities at sea vary enormously and depending on whether you are a commercial or sports fisherman, if you drive a workboat or race in competitions. Each individual will of course have requirements that are unique to that particular activity.

Whilst the combination of safety and performance remain the keystone for every professional at sea, other requirements such as a dedicated workspace, compatibility and the processing of your instruments data and the impact of specific weather variations are vital for some and less so for others.

That’s why we invite you to visit the following section that will help you to find the best fit for your activity.

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Why TZ Professional v3 ?

S57 Charts

Route Management


Fishing Workspace


Security Cone

Compatibility with S57 charts

Keeping up to date charts is an essential element to ensure the safety of all those at sea. TZ Professional is now compatible with the official S57 formats. The official S57 charts are updated every week. These maps respect the S52 standard developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The iconography offers a simplified display in order to improve the readability of the marine charts on screens.

New Advanced Route Management

Route Planning is of the utmost importance for all professions at sea.

Our new technology assures the security of a route upon creation: Through color codes (green/red) it is instantaneously possible to know if the depth is sufficient for the safe passing of your boat. An automatic route wizard will provide you with information regarding to the optimal departure and arrival time, taking into account tides and currents.

New profile window, a remarkable new tool!

Instantaneously display a point to point depth profile window. This 2D view will allow you to identify the depth variations with unequalled precision (rocks, shipwrecks, etc.).

Fishing Workspace

A workspace exclusively dedicated for professional fishermen will allow for personalization of 2D/3D so accessing information that is most pertinent is shown first.

New AIS Features

The configuration of AIS can sometimes prove to be complex. Our new AIS module allows for complete configuration of all information directly within TZ Professional (Status, Destination, etc.). Furthermore, it is now possible to receive and send AIS text messages from TZ Professional. This system will allow for simplified communication, free and individual with all boats which are equipped with AIS.

Security Cone

The new security cone is a feature in adherence with the official rules of the IMO. It takes into account the information of vector charts in order to detect isolated dangers and shallow areas. If an obstacle is detected inside this cone in front of the boat’s trajectory, an anti-grounding alarm will automatically be triggered.

The latest generation of user interface

TZ Professional Interface

The user interface of TZ Professional is intuitive and easy to use when it comes to managing all your navigation data as well as all the other features which have made TIMEZERO a huge success for more than 30 years.

Explore the main features:

AIS / ARPA targets

Your Weather Forecast service

Chart Engine

Oceanographic Forecasts

S57 Charts


Your Modules

Up to 3 monitors can be used simultaneously working on Independent Workspaces

Do you have specific needs?

TIMEZERO offers many complementary modules to enhance your navigation experience in terms of routing and displaying of surrounding objects, and to obtain valuable seabed data.

Weather Routing

S63 Charts






Modules Compatibility

What system is required for TIMEZERO v3?

To enjoy TIMEZERO v3 technology and its cutting-edge features, you need to comply with the following system requirements

TZ Professional System Requirements

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