Better understand complex navigational situations with augmented reality

Thanks to the augmented reality cutting-edge technology, TZ Professional allows you to display the active route and cross track distance directly on the camera video feed. Identify all boats equipped with AIS system surrounding you and prevent any collision risk. Visualize instantly your route points and buoys on your HD video stream even in foggy weather.

Discover the Augmented Reality feature in video

Visualize your routes and cross track distance, marks as well as speed and heading information of surrounding ships directly on an HD video stream.

All these elements are clearly displayed with graphical color codes overlaid on your video capture in real-time.

This feature will be particularly useful in congested marine traffic navigation areas or unfamiliar waters.

For an optimal reactivity, TZ Professional allows you to set up alarms to warn you anytime a situation requires your attention.

Compatibility with generic fixed H264 cameras

TZ Professional is compatible with multiple types of generic fixed H264 cameras.

If a network camera output its video feed on the network using H264, you can configure it in TZ Professional using its H264 path.

Simply connect a compatible camera to TZ Professional and the "CAMERA" workspace will allow you to view the video of your environment while integrating your navigational data.