TIMEZERO Bottom Hardness compatibility with 3rd party sounders

Bottom type is a key point for fishing. Bottom species usually move according to the bottom type (mud, gravel, sand or rock). By connecting your existing echo sounder to TZ Professional, you will be able to record not only the depth (3D Bathymetric charts) but also the hardness! This will allow you to deduce the bottom type!

Discover how to get the best out of your existing sounder

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An intimate knowledge of common types of bottom substrate and how fish relate to them will not only result in catching more fish, but also in the ability to better predict future fish movements between their cycle and the annual seasons. The new Bottom Hardness module will be required for TZ Professional to accept these new NMEA0183 sentences.

Compatibility with with 3rd party sounders

Bottom Hardness can now be recorded via NMEA0183 using the following sounders:

  • Furuno FCV 295 and FCV 1150
  • Simrad ES70 and ES80
  • Koden CVS-FX series
  • Hondex HDX-121, HE-1500Di and HE-7300Di
  • JRC JFC-130 series
  • Seascan