Map the seafloor of your fishing area in just a few passes.

Instead of spending hours gathering PBG recordings, you can now collect PBG recordings in just a few sweeps. By adding the optional DFF3D Module together with the PBG Module to your TZ Professional software, you can connect this Furuno Multi-Beam Sonar to your computer and unlock powerful integration features. The DFF3D Sonar is the first entry level Multi-Beam Sonar able to reliably create PBG up to 200 meters. This data is sent directly to TZ Professional and used to create a highly-detailed PBG map faster than ever before.

Access the Multi-Beam technology



The DFF3D is a MultiBeam sonar. It allows you to use features such as Down Sounder, Port and Starboard Sounder, Real time wide angle A-Scope (Section), Fish Target History (Water Column) and Side Scan Sonar. The DFF3D can generate up to 50 depth points per second. To put this into perspective, 300 football fields can be covered in less than 20 minutes with the DFF3D!

Combine DFF3D with the power of TIMEZERO

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TZ Professional (with the optional PBG and DFF3D modules) can be connected to the new Furuno DFF3D Multi Beam sonar. Creating your bathymetric (PBG) map becomes as fast as ever with TZ Professional. Multiple beams are constantly sent out by the sonar returning quality information for each depth point.

Master DFF3D data thanks to TZ Professional

TZ Professional can be setup to display various sonar screens such as the Section.



Water Column

Side Scan

The Section displays real-time conditions under the boat in a wide 120 degree area port to starboard. This mode allows you to see exactly where fish are detected and helps visualize the shape of the seafloor under your boat.

The Multi-Sounder operates like a traditional Sounder (scrolling from left to right), but instead of having only one beam (under your boat), two additional beams (port and starboard) are displayed on the screen. Because the Multi-Sounder keeps a history of the previous echoes, it is easy to locate fish at a glance.

The Water Column provides an easy and intuitive time-based image of the seafloor, along with fish target icons. This mode displays a historical view of the section under your boat. Note that even if the boat does not move, the picture will continue to scroll to show the evolution of the water column (fish that may move) under your boat.

The Side Scan mode displays the DFF3D data in a port and starboard view that scrolls vertically from the top down. It’s best used in shallow water to identify bottom structure.