The PBG module for TZ Professional is the most innovative tool in the market

Directly connected to sounder and positioning system, the PBG Module allows TIMEZERO to collect and record in real time depth information transmitted, enabling you to create and update your own bathymetric database with pinpoint accuracy. With a single click, TZ PBG Module will activate to give you breathtaking real-time 2D and 3D images of the seabed. It’s as easy as that.

The solution for the most demanding fishermen

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Quick Data Recording

The PBG Module allows creating a good survey in less time. The 3D database updates are available in real time, no need to wait or to refresh the screen. The accuracy has also been improved, the depth points are no longer recorded in a grid but at their real location!

Of course, all PBG data collected with MaxSea v12 can be directly imported into the 3D Static database.

Advanced PBG Filters

TIMEZERO PBG module generates and updates the 3D database in real-time, then it is very important to filter the data that will be added to the database to avoid introducing values that may alter the PBG database.

TIMEZERO offers multiple advanced filters allowing producing a cleanest 3D database:

  • Tidal Height correction: to automatically correct the depth offset related to the tidal height
  • Quality Filter (Furuno): This filter allows TIMEZERO to automatically reject depth data that is considered invalid by the Furuno sounder
  • Depth filter: allow you to define minimum and maximum acceptable values
  • Speed Filter: allows the temporary stop of the depth sounder information recording when you exceed a specific speed
  • Consistency with Previous Recorded Data : This filter makes a comparison between the current depth value returned by the sounder and the last recorded and correct depth value
  • Consistency with 3D Database : This filter compares the depth value sent by the sounder against the depth recorded in the 3D database
  • Fixed data rejection : To automatically reject succession of fixed depth values generally due to a sounder problem or signal loss

Note: As soon as depth value is rejected, a message is displayed in the notification bar indicating the reason for the rejection and the information is recorded in the alarm log.

PBG Delete Tool

A “Delete PBG” tool allows you to remove bad depth point by drawing a free selection area around the point(s) you want to remove. Note that the Undo/Redo function allows you to undo any PBG point you may have deleted accidentally.

TIMEZERO, pioneers in Personal Bathymetry Generation

TIMEZERO was the first company (in 1999) to offer a feature which enables recording bathy soundings and display it in three dimensions. Since, PBG has always been one of the “core” functions of TZ Professional. Furthermore lots of resources have been focused on improving the PBG function in TIMEZERO.

Bottom Discrimination Display

When connected to a sounder which has a bottom discrimination feature, the PBG Module allows TIMEZERO to register the seabed information in addition to the depth. TIMEZERO can then display Bottom Classification as well as bottom hardness using a color scale on the chart.

Data rendering optimization

TIMEZERO provides 3 different 3D databases:

The 3D data from the chart

The 3D data from file import

The 3D data from the PBG database

Each of these 3D databases can be activated or disabled independently. When several are selected, TIMEZERO merges them in real time on screen and automatically selecting the most accurate data available in the area.

Data rendering optimization settings

Various settings let you adjust the display depending on the quality of data in the database:

Terrain Shading

The PBG Brush Mode Setting

The PBG Brush Size Setting

This cutting-edge module allows to adjust the overall "width" of PBG tracks, even when set to dynamic! Creating superior databases in less time allows to fish better in known areas (closer to the rocks) as well as discovering new fishing spots. It won’t take long for you to see just how beneficial it is and how quickly you will recover your investment.