TIMEZERO’s Commercial Fishing solution

TZ Professional software provides a powerful tool for commercial fishing that improves identifying areas with great fishing potential. Improve your planning each trip by accumulating rich personal data from all your previous sessions. Go straight to the areas that appear to be the most likely to reward you based on both fixed and temperamental factors such as bathymetry and weather conditions. Get more insights, using the replay recorded data feature at the end of the day, you can identify areas which need investigating for future sessions. Make your fishing more efficient than ever with TIMEZERO technology.

What does TZ Professional for Commercial Fishing?

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TIMEZERO has been working with commercial fishermen since the birth of the company to constantly improve decision making for fishermen.

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TZ Professional main features

TZ Professional helps you improve your fishing performance thanks to various means such as:

  • Displaying the bathymetry in 3D using your own Sounder.
  • Oceanography forecasts enable smarter decisions to be made using the altimetry service, geostrophic currents, sea surface temperature and plankton and chlorophyll concentration.
  • The PBG and Sounder module work to further enhance the identification of rich fishing grounds and the identification of schools of fish as well as their type.

What are the features you will require as a must from now?

Fishing Workspace

Profile Window

3D Cube

Layer Management


This workspace is designed for fishermen to find the most important data straight away. Viewable both in 2D and 3D with customizable settings to view bathymetry and contour lines as well as features to record the bathymetry using Furuno Sounders.

The Bottom Profile window allows user to instantaneously display a point to point depth profile window in 2D. You can then add a mark directly on the chart from the Profile window.

The 3D cube lets you see the bottom of the sea in a 3D viewer. It has been designed to be intuitive to use. It centers over the boat and can be moved in all directions so that your ability to see every inch of seafloor. The 3D viewer really brings the seafloor to life. Interpreting contour lines is now a thing of the past.

The new layer management allows for a better overall design for managing layers. It does this by providing quick access directly from the ribbon, making it faster at both sorting and selecting layers. It is possible to create groups of layers as a preset.

The NavData can be quickly accessed by creating unlimited shortcuts to access the data that is important to you. It is completely customizable.

Tailor your digital worskpace

TZ Professional allows you to redesign your fishing area by customizing all essential data to the way that fits you best. Display strategic data using color scales, marks and isolines that match your specific needs. Envisage and create a menu that will work best for you. Quicker access to your navigation.

Do you want to go further into master features?




Directly connected to sounder and positioning system, the PBG Module allows TIMEZERO to collect and record in real time depth information transmitted, enabling you to create and update your own bathymetric database with pinpoint accuracy.

The Sounder module for TZ Professional provides a host of features to identify fish, reduce noise, save locations and more. The module is functional with a selected range of Furuno sounders.

Thanks to digital filter technology, the sounder module allows commercial fishermen to spot fish easily thanks to the elimination of noise and other filters. When a fish is spotted, it is possible to identify the last 3 minutes of data and then geo-locate that fish thanks to the cursor changing color and displaying an x marks the spot icon. From here you can simply add a mark, so that you can go back whenever you wish. The Accu-Fish size analyzer makes finding suitable fish and geo-locating much easier.

The VDR module is a great addition to help record and replay information from all the connected devices so you can really analyze your fishing trips. It is also helpful in the case of an incident to identify where the problem occurred.

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