A special tool developed for all types of workboats

A special tool developed for all types of workboatsTo accomplish their missions and navigate in complete security, workboats must be equipped with the best information systems. TIMEZERO developed features especially for each specific types of workboat. Planning, navigating and recording the route data for further processing have never been this efficient. Optimize your navigation with TIMEZERO to guarantee the best trips' conditions.

What is a workboat?

From cable laying boats, refueling tankers, tow boats, pontoons to transport barges, specialized workboats are used across a variety of roles, each one having unique needs. Workboats are often put to work in assisting professional fleets or in operations around professional industries.

In certain cases, they can be used by individuals to transport tourists, transport material and even the position of a boat in port.

In cases where the primary activity of a port is in the recreational industry, they also require specialized workboats to manage all the traffic that takes place within the port’s perimeter.

Dedicated features developed to meet the unique needs of marine professionals in the workboat industry

Compatibility with S-57/S-63 charts

Compatibility with S-63 charts

Maintaining these type of charts up to date is an essential element for the security of everyone on-board. TZ Professional is now compatible with official encrypted S-63 charts. These official charts are updated weekly. They respect the S-52 standard developed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). The S-52 iconography offers a simplified display and a standard way of viewing icons, improving the readability.

New Safety Route Planning

New Safety Route Planning

Planning out and managing routs are two vital elements for the security of professionals at sea. Our new technology allows you to ensure the security of a route during its creation through an intuitive color code (green/red) providing instaneous information on whether the depth is sufficiant for the safe passing of your boat.

With the Route Wizard, an automatic calculator based on the conditions lets you find out when the best departure/arrival time is, depending the the currents and tides.

New AIS feature

The configuration of an AIS can at times appear complex. Our new AIS module allows you to customize the information you receive directly into TZ Professional (status, Destination, etc.). On top of this, it is now possible to send as well as receive AIS texts inside TZ Professional. This system will allow you to communicate easily, free of charge and discreetly with other workboats in range, equipped with AIS.

Security Cone

The Security Cone is a feature that is part of the new official International Maritime Organisation IMO standards. It takes into account the information from the vector charts to identify isolated dangers and zones of insufficiant depth. If a danger presents itself inside this theoretical cone of navigation infront of the boat, an alarme “anti-grounding” will automatically go off.

Voyage Data Recorder Module

This new optional module offers the possibility to save all the information that is received from devices connected to TZ Professional such as the GPS, radar and AIS. It is particularly interesting in the case of an incident as it provides the information of the exact date, hour and minute of when the incident occurred, providing important information as to how the incident occurred.

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