Control the position of your trawl doors with TZ Professional

The new Trawl Positioning Module available for TZ Professional allows you to view the position and movement of your trawl doors directly in the software. TIMEZERO can integrate data coming from MARPORT sensors for real-time display of your fishing gear. Furthermore, specific tools and workspaces have been developed, allowing you to analyze your navigation areas from different angles.

See the power of the new Trawl Positioning Module in action

Discover how TIMEZERO integrates MARPORT position data and multi-beam sounders:

  • Navigation workspace and Fish Targets display
  • 3D Cube workspace
  • Custom workspace with real-time schools of fish display in the Section and Water Column views

Combined with a compatible multi-beam sounder, TZ professional will literally display the fish entering the trawl thanks to our amazing 2D/3D Fish Targets display.

For your trawl safety, trust the leaders!

MARPORT is one of the world leaders in commercial fishing net positioning sensors. MARPORT was founded in Iceland in 1996 with the goal of developing acoustic monitoring systems for deep-sea commercial fishing fleets. Today his engineering team manufactures a wide variety of subsea sensor products.

TZ Professional is now compatible with MARPORT trawl positioning sensors.

See exactly where your trawl doors are with TZ Professional. Maneuver your gear in a safer way while in tight spaces. All this while keeping the doors at a secure distance from obstructions or canyon walls when chasing marks over difficult terrain.

Display and visualize the trawl doors in real time and from all angles!

Navigation Display

3D Cube

Record and Replay

Movements calculation

Sounder Pairing

The Trawl positioning module allows for an easy display of information, for example, the distance between the selected door and your boat, the depth and the distance between your boat and the bottom. The color coding used for the doors (red for port and green for starboard) allows you to quickly see your trawl doors, directly on your navigation charts.

TIMEZERO also offers the ability to display your trawl in 3D through the dedicated 3D Cube workspace. In fact, the vertical distance between your trawl and the bottom is accounted for! In addition to seeing the precise position of your fishing net, you can visualize the environment surrounding your trawl. This lets you know very quickly if your net is approaching a shipwreck, a rock or the bottom of the sea. This is probably the best available security for your fishing gear!

The position of your trawl doors can be recorded automatically in the software thanks to the new Logbook database. You can now replay previous positions of your boat and trawl in the Planning workspace in TZ Professional. This unique function was developed to help you visualize the position of your net in function of the position of your boat, all throughout your navigation.

TIMEZERO is capable of displaying COG and SOG vectors of your trawl doors, allowing you to visualize the movement of your net as you move. The movement of your trawl doors is highlighted by a red trace (port) and a green trace (starboard). This display allows you to know where and how your fishing gear is moving!

Combined with a compatible multi-beam sounder (WASSP G3 or FURUNO DFF3D), TZ Professional will literally display the fish entering the trawl. The Trawl Positioning Module comes with a unique 2D/3D Fish Targets display!