Save your data from previous trips up to one month

The Voyage Data Recorder Module, that comes as an option, offers the possibility to save all the information received from the connected sensors to TZ Professional (GPS, radar and AIS/ARPA). It is particularly useful in the case of an incident as it allows one to look back at all the available information relative to the surrounding environment of the boat at that given date and time.

What can the VDR module do for you?

VDR is an advanced system which helps you go back and find the most pertinent data about recent fishing trips, or information about entering or leaving a port and even using replay to identify how an accident was caused.

It has been designed to be simple to run. Using VDR is visually easy to identify how to start and how to play our innovative timeline bar to find historic data efficiently.

No more data rich opportunities missed

Find out boats identity afterward

Once the time of an event has been identified, by going back to slightly before the incidence occurred it is possible to find the AIS data of all boats involved in a critical situation. It would then be simple to see who was at fault by carefully analyzing heading and communication.

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