Discover the ocean with precision and coverage

Using WASSP Multibeam Module together with the PBG Module in your TZ Professional software, you can connect this Multi-Beam Sonar via Ethernet to your computer and unlock powerful integration features that literally paints the seabed below your vessel with thousands of “pings” every second spread across hundreds of beams. The WASSP Echosounder continuously receives multiple depth readings of the seafloor in a swath up to 3.5 times the depth below and behind your vessel so you can see exactly what is happening on the seafloor and water column in real-time. This data is sent directly to TIMEZERO software and used to create a live, high detail and accurate PBG seabed map. Save time and money by mapping the seafloor faster than ever before.

WASSP is designed for professional users who need wider coverage live mapping of the seafloor therefore building full fishing ground coverage faster.

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Create your own bathymetric (PBG) map rapidly with the WASSP Multibeam Echosounder. As the name suggests, multiple beams are constantly sent out and received by the system from Port to Starboard over a swath width of 120°. These beams return depth data for the seabed covering a much larger area in one pass, as opposed to just a single reading directly beneath your vessel as is the case with “single beam” echosounders. Instead of just registering a single depth reading per vessel position, the WASSP Multibeam Echosounder allows you to record 224 points per ping, saving you time so that you can identify the best fishing spots sooner.

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WASSP Multibeam Echosounder Integration

The WASSP Multibeam Echosounder is sold with a dedicated DRX processor which can be directly connected to a computer running the TIMEZERO software with PBG and WASSP Modules.
The DRX processor will require a TIMEZERO interface license.
Take your WASSP Multibeam Echosounder to a new level of functionality by integrating it with TZ Professional.

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The most powerful professional tool for better results

Scan, draw, and analyze the seafloor with more reliability. More than just estimating data, get factual insights and process them smarter. With WASSP there is a model for your fishing grounds with up to 1000m depth capability.


BackScatter - Bottom Hardness

Water Column Targets


Extremely Accurate

WASSP Sonars

  • Unrivalled precision of the water column & seafloor
  • Superior 2D & 3D Presentation
  • Access to all the advanced features of TIMEZERO such as Depth Shading, Discrete Color Shading, Contour Lines, Marks Management, etc.

In addition to sending 224 depth points per ping, WASSP also sends “Backscatter” data to TIMEZERO so you can simultaneously build the PGB Map as well as the bottom hardness with Backscatter across the full swath in multibeam detail. When you integrate a WASSP Echosounder with TIMEZERO, you will have 3D data and bottom hardness information (that can also be displayed in color directly on your chart) with hundreds of beams providing the exact edge of the harder seafloor. It is possible to display Backscatter data in either manual or automatic mode.

Now you can map the fish targets you see in the fishfinder in the 2D, 3D and Cube view. Not only can you map all fish targets, you can control the target strength of the fish you wish to display allowing you to target specific fish. If you have found multiple schools of fish with your sonar why not map them all on WASSP and decide what is going to best suit your quota and profitability.

WASSP utilises the multibeam data to draw a highly detailed sidescan image. This side scan image provides significant detail of structures on the sea floor and often enable you to identify them from rocks, reefs, wrecks and weed with more accuracy then the mapping or fishfinder can.

If for any reason you believe that any of the PGB points are erroneous, it is possible to delete WASSP PBG points in TIMEZERO by using the ‘Delete PBG’ tool and by drawing a free-hand area on the chart.

TIMEZERO is compatible with fishing WASSP models, the F3, F3X and F3XL. WASSP Multibeam Echosounders are distributed by Furuno.

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