Worldwide Charts Pack

The Worldwide Chart Pack provides you with Vector charts that cover the globe allowing to discover every corner of the planet to your heart’s desire. The worldwide pack is effectively made up of 13 mega wide charts.

Is the Worldwide Chart Pack the best option for you?

What are the advantages of buying the Worldwide Chart pack?

The best option for complete coverage

The worldwide chart pack is ideally suited for the sailors who needs to have access to the world at their feet. It is a commitment to complete a lifetime goal.

Worldwide Chart pack is a great value for money deal. It comes with 13 Mega Wide Charts which makes for a great saving instead of paying for 13 Mega Wide charts individually.

TZ charts has an official vector supplier: C-MAP. However only one offers complete worldwide coverage.

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Additional Chart Options

By adding options to your worldwide chart pack, you will automatically get more visually precise and complete information that is available at the drop of a hat.

Raster VS Vector

If you are used to paper (raster) charts then the first time you use a Vector chart it might be a little strange, almost like driving on the other side of the road, but don’t worry, you’ll adjust straight away!